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Anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Sonic isn't really stupid and ignorant like fans say he's just acting like he's oblivious

windayy answered:

There’s official proof in the games that Sonic is, indeed, actually pretty smart, or at least resourceful enough to know how to fly planes and come up with exceptionally creative ways to blast Eggman’s mechs. Because you really should like, watch the boss rush modes. Sonic will always know what’s up in ‘em before finishing them off in a fiery boom.

So yeah, the hedgehog’s smart.


Yeah, Sonic is quite intelligent. He’s creative too. And fans don’t often give him his dues in this regard D: Logic suggests that the moves he used in Werehog form were of his own creation and shows that he’s very good at utilizing what his body is capable of to create varied and effective attacks as well as a means to moves across environments.


Anonymous asked:

If Game!Sonic's personality had replaced Archie!Sonic's personality, what are some things that would be different? And in your least favorite occurrences where he goes OOC, how would Game!Sonic react differently to them?

greenyvertekins answered:

The whole scene with him on the sofa contemplating the bad stuff that has happened would never have occurred.

Archie!Eggman would never have been shown mercy.

He wouldn’t be subservient to Sally.

He wouldn’t be affectionate regarding romance.

He’d be in control of his Werehog form.

He wouldn’t be a jerkass.

As for least fave incidences of OoC behavior? No brainer this - I’ll cite the House of Cards story.

First off, Amadeus wouldn’t have been imprisoned. Considering Game!Sonic would sympathize with the populace’s complaints with the monarchy since it is ineffectual, he’d likely join in with them and in likelihood would break Amadeus out and easily do so himself with ease if it came to that. Game!Sonic fights against those who are ineffectual in power, who are obsessed with preserving their own power regardless of the effects on everyone else i.e Eggman, Merlina. The Acorns would not be exempt from this.

But say if we go by what the story does and Amadeus is imprisoned, Game!Sonic wouldn’t slag-off Amadeus in front of Tails because he isn’t an utterly ignorant, unlikable twat, he would not be adverse to the feelings of his little brother concerning his father’s imprisonment. This would have the effect of not generating more animosity between him and Tails and therefore it wouldn’t be a contributing factor in Tails’ attack on him.

If he found out that Tails was trying to break Amadeus out, he’d help him do it. He wouldn’t pace-around the cells, coming out with some twaddle that it’s treason. Amadeus freed. No more issues. Except the controversy it’d inevitably generate between him, Sally and the monarchy. Game!Sonic would likely tell them to go screw themselves. Or something along those lines since he’d consider them to be squarely in the wrong.

But say that for some reason Tails’ grievances with Game!Sonic came to the surface and he started acting on them…for some reason. Game!Sonic wouldn’t hit back. He’d ask Tails to talk to him. He’d ask Tails to elaborate on his grievances so they can work through them without resorting to violence - He knows Tails is better than that. And he doesn’t ever want to hurt his little bro in addition.

If Tails eventually got to the subject of Fiona (Yes, I know Game!Sonic isn’t a player when it comes to the girls but bear with me), Game!Sonic would literally tell him to get his head on his shoulders straight because he’d know that the Fiona that Tails developed affections for was an auto automation, NOT the real thing. He’d ask why Tails is being irrational, transferring his feelings of affection for a fake to the real thing when they’re in no way one in the same. He’d again reason with Tails logically, attempt to make him see sense.